Another unique device Deta – is the ability to reprogram them for each individual! DeInfo – a software package that will help you set up your portable device Deta as you wish! This is necessary in order to achieve the maximum benefit from their use!

“DeInfo” is both a programmer and software for the “DEVITA-RITM” and “DEVITA-AP” devices. The “DeInfo” database includes more than 3,000 programs, allowing you to select a recovery course following the treatment of almost any disease.

The software does not require any installation and is compatible with Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8. The application interface supports five European languages. The updates for “DeInfo” are released regularly and are available on the Internet.

The “DeInfo” software is a 3 in 1 package with the disc, programmer, and key.

The new “DeInfo” software features:

  • improved design
  • user-friendly interface
  • ease of use
  • expanded functions
  • simple installation

We have improved the software for DETA devices and added the following features to “DeInfo”:

  • “DeInfo” does not require installation on your computer. The application is compatible with OS Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.
  • The programmer is both a key and program carrier. When connected to the USB port, it is recognized as a normal flash-drive and DETA device.
  • The intelligent software recognizes the connected DETA device, displays its image and type, and connects the available database.
  • “DeInfo” contains two basic programs:
    • for existing devices – 1,600 programs for ‘DEVITA-RITM” and 1,100 programs for “DEVITA-AP”
    • for new generation devices – 1,600 programs for “DEVITA-RITM” and 1,540 programs for “DEVITA-AP”
  • “DeInfo” has an extremely high level of information security: 2265(!). Therefore, the device’s software and database can be safely upgraded via the Internet.
  • You are able to fully customize a large number of new programs for “DEVITA-RITM” devices by changing the range frequencies and impact time.
  • The patients’ data and their medical histories are securely stored in the application’s archive.
  • The software supports the main European languages: Russian, English, German, French and Spanish.

All you need to do is insert the flash-drive into the USB port and immediately start using it.

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Price:  DeInfo    $280.00

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