Ryan Scott


Hi my name is Ryan Scott, I’m here today and I just had an energy healing session with Sophia today, and I want to tell you about my testimony.  I can solemnly say …you know I try to do many methods, you know meeting her I went into a situation…you know not in disbelieve but in doubt not really knowing what to expect or knowing how the result would turn out, but I came to a situation of open minded and kind of neglected my own reasoning kind of went with something new and actually said that…you know it’s surely great experience most definitely her energy healing you know is impeccable.  I could say all my chakras are aligned after a session.  I could say that I have more clarity and more peace, and I feel more in tune with my spirituality and most definitely with myself.  So I would recommend and I would say to walk into it with an open mind if you don’t have an open mind, you have a lot of questions…which a knowledgeable person would, I would say neglect your own knowledge, and just open your mind to something new.  I can guarantee that you won’t be let down, you’ll be guarantee to see miraculous results.  Thank you.

Ryann Scott

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