The “DEVITA-RITM” device for electromagnetic therapy is a unique Russian invention designed to restore a person’s wellbeing without the use of medication.

The human body emits certain resonance frequencies. When an organ is attacked by disease, these frequencies deviate from their normal ranges. The device emits the “correct” frequencies reflecting the organ’s natural characteristics. Thus, the organ resumes its healthy vibrations, successfully fights the disease, and returns to its normal functions.



The antiparasitic electromagnetic device “DEVITA-AP” is a health recovery appliance unmatched worldwide.

The device emits electromagnetic waves which resonate with the vibrations of various parasites, from viruses to helminthes. “DEVITA-AP” then selectively targets malignancies and destroys them.



The “DEVITA-Cosmo” device for electromagnetic and quantum therapy is the first appliance in the DEVITA series designed exclusively for cosmetology. It is based on a fundamentally new approach to resolving dermatological and cosmetic issues. “DEVITA-Cosmo” eliminates not only visible skin defects but also their underlying causes. The stable reconstructive and cosmetic effects are achieved through double quantum and low-frequency electromagnetic radiations.



“DEINFO” is both a programmer and software for the “DEVITA-RITM” and “DEVITA-AP” devices. The “DEINFO” database includes more than 3,000 programs, allowing you to select a recovery course following the treatment of almost any disease.

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