High Chi Energy

A Synergy of Ancient Egyptian and Quantum Technologies

HighChi Power Pieces, inspired by the sacred geometry and exotic motifs of ancient cultures, redefine the power of adornment.

Using a synergy of ancient Egyptian and quantum technologies, these beautiful pieces can help protect the wearer from the effects of negative frequencies generated by wireless technology, including cellphones, and even negative energies from others.

Over 19 years of research and development have gone into making HighChi Jewelry the ultimate synergy of protection, high vitality and subtle energy armoring.  HighChi Power Pieces are energy tools that lift your resonance, so you are in the zone, key to living a beautiful life.

Sacred Geometry



The HighChi Sacred Geometry Collection uses mathematical ratios, harmonics, and sacred universal patterns. Using a proprietary technology we have amplified these “higher harmonics” exponentially; a key factor in the remarkable effectiveness of HighChi Energy Jewelry.

At HighChi we use these “divine” proportions to create exquisite Sacred Geometric Jewelry that protects, uplifts and vitalizes body, mind and spirit.

Wearers report not only “feeling better”, but also feeling protected and energized, with a wonderful sense of well being.



ChiCubes are carriers for subtle energy. They measure 1″ by 1″ and fit easily into your pocket or purse. They are made of acrylic, which is light yet durable and acts extremely well as a carrier for subtle energy. There are many different Energies to choose from. The cubes work very well when stacked together because this amplifies the energy field. You can hold them in your left hand or stack them on your DNA (hair or saliva). We also have energy bands that you can wear on your wrist and these are equally effective in raising your resonance.

HighChi Energized 5D Sound CD’s and Digital Downloads


5D Sound CDs are generated from a very advanced, one of a kind, subtle energy computer. Designed in Germany to analyze and develop energy remedies or vibratory medicines, it holds in memory, the energy field of any substance. On a quantum or vibratory level, the energetic blueprint is more active than the “solid” substance. When the vitality of the energetic blueprint is fed back upon itself (energy amplified) (potentized) – the vitality level and effectiveness of the substance soars!


These new High Chi energy fields work mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to cancel out environmental “noise” that stress and strain the nervous system. When stress is released emotionally it produces higher emotional intelligence and emotional stability. When stress is released mentally it produces a quiet mind and increased intuition. When stress is released on the physical level, it produces high vitality, increased energy and joy! Coherent sound calms and soothes the listener into meditative like states, both active and passive! This full frequency, white and pink noise sound envelope is the most effective carrier of our energy remedy formulations. Researchers experience a deeper, more vibrant “high” then they had previously known before, with an accompanying vacation like feeling!


Why take a substance for pain release, stress reduction or recreational purposes when you can energy graft the energy field of that substance through CD quality sound, into your energy field in just minutes? The substance loses all toxicity, possible side effects, legal implications and lasts virtually forever. It may seem subtler at first, but you can easily learn to control the window of efficiency and opportunity. We finally have a volume and intensity control and an off/on switch for altered state experiences, in of your own stereo system!

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