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According to the laws of nature, everything radiates energy including the human body.  All matters are vibrating at different resonant vibrational frequencies. 

Energy healing is the practice of balancing the energy field that surrounds the human body, this energy field is referenced in many cultural traditions and is central to several alternative healing techniques. Energy healing is Universal, anybody can do it and it is available to all. It can be done hands-on, hands-off or from a distance, and can be used for the healing of humans, animals, mother earth, her kingdoms, etc.  Energy healing can also be used for healing all of the bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

There are seven layers of existence in our being that connect to the cosmic energy as body, mind, breath, intellect, memory, ego and self. Our bodies basically are composed of the physical body and the etheric body.  The physical body is composed of the five elements known as water, fire, air, ether and earth.  Each element vibrating at different vibrational frequency according to nature.  The breath is the prana or the life force or Chi energy or the energy field that gives life to the physical body that which connects to the mind.

 The etheric body, however, is our energy body that penetrates the physical body and it can extend maybe 5 inches or so outward of our physical body.  We absorb this Chi energy daily through our bodies. We just do not see it and most people do not know about it.  Also, the energy field that follows the outline of the physical body is called our aura. Each of us has an aura and our auras have different colors, depending on how we feel at any given moment.

And when your etheric energy body gets sick, it is usually due to the depletion of the energy in your etheric body, causing the aura of the affected part of your body to be reduced. Both the etheric and physical bodies are very closely related so that what affects one body affects the other body and vice versa. Hence, by healing the etheric body, the physical body gets healed.

Chakras are spinning energy centers that energize and control the major and vital organs of the physical body. The chakras and the aura can be impured and they can contain negative energy. Negative energy can be anything that does not serve your highest good. It can be hurt feelings, pain, guilt, anger, depression, negativity, criticism, past attachments, judgment, lack of forgiveness; literally anything can be negative energy.

That is why it is so important to cleanse and release, and forgive yourself and others. Forgiving yourself and others is therapeutic and healing in itself.  When you show compassion and love for yourself and others and you forgive them and yourself, you have very little negative energy in your organs and etheric body. This is how you can fully heal and recover yourself from any conditions or dis-eases.

Energy healing is the art of transferring divine energy to restore, and balance the physical and etheric body to bring harmony back to body, mind and spirit.  Similar to epigenetic is the science of moving energy from one place to another.

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