Guru Puja

Divine blessings


We have seen how the truth of the integration of life is handed on from generation to generation, naturally and simply in its full clarity and completeness, through this Holy Tradition of Masters. The supreme teaching of their ancient line forms the trunk of the tree of eternal wisdom from which different branches of knowledge spread to enlighten man along the different avenues of life and living. Different sciences emerge, different fields of art thrive, and interest in different disciplines is cherished. Each of these branches of knowledge have their significance in enriching life, and for us it is a joy to see that all of them emerge from the main source of the current of life – the eternal source of all knowledge, the VEDA, which is forever upheld by the great Masters of the Holy Tradition. It is for this reason the Masters of our Holy Tradition are also called the great Masters of the Vedic Tradition.



The Vedic tradition, upheld in its purity by a long history of custodians, enshrines the supreme knowledge of the integration of life. From time to time, a revival of man’s understanding of its eternal wisdom arises from this Holy Tradition, rescuing him from suffering, restoring him to the speedy path of evolution and awakening him to a meaningful life in fulfillment. The Masters of this tradition have been exponents of reality from earliest ages. In each new epoch they have propounded the enduring truths of practical living and have set out those standards by which men’s lives may attain the highest achievements and fulfillment, generation after generation.

Guru Puja – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – Guru Purnima – 2011

Guru Puja  is one of the highest expressions of DEVOTION and GRATITUDE to the Master and to the lineage of Spiritual Masters who have been guiding us.

A puja is a ceremony of gratitude. The Sanskrit word “puja” means “fullness”. Puja is done out of a feeling of fullness and in turn it also brings a feeling of fullness. The Guru Puja honors the lineage of spiritual masters of the Vedic tradition. Chanting the Guru Puja unites one’s mind with the tradition of spiritual masters.

Guru Puja is the practice of worshiping the Guru through the making offerings and requesting inspiration from the guru. Vows and commitments made by the disciple or shishya, which might have lost their strength, are renewed.

Guru Puja is a special blessing ceremony performs for Business, Home, Individual or any Special Occasions to create a peaceful and harmonious life.

Guru Puja Blessings can:

  •   Purify one’s negative karma
  •   Bring abundance to one’s life
  •   Improve health & relationships
  •   Attain innate wisdom

Schedules for the Guru Puja Ceremony at your location please call 913 – 553 – 9518.

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