Bobbie Jacobson

My name is Bobbie Jacobson.  I’ve known Sophia from many years ago and one day I was very sick from a very bad flu. She came to visit me and saw me laying in bed could not get up. She started doing the healing work on me. I felt a very strong energy came through her healing hands working on my body.
The next day in the morning I got up without feeling any symptoms of sickness and I can go to work.
I am a traveler and I am travel a lot by flying from country to country. With my age that I am not a young lady and have to travel many hours each trip, of course my body and my emotion are very tired. I always have Sophia heals me every time I am in LA and I felt that I have more energy every time.
When ever she did the healing energy on me, I felt I had more energy and my body feeling better.  She helped balance my body, mind and spirit. It’s beyond believe, it is a miracle!

Bobbie Jacobson.

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