About Me

sophia and buddhaI have been blessed to walk on the path of spirituality and wellness for 20 years.  I have learned from many mentors and teachers and experienced the duality of life that I had created from the karmic cycle.  I went through a profound healing and transformation in my life and through this I have discovered the innate healing ability within me for the past 7 years since I began my spiritual journey with the Art of Living Foundation and a devotee of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.  I’ve been initiated and blessed by my Guru as an instrument to give blessings to anyone who wishes to receive the Divine Grace.  I also discovered my divinity connection with Goddess Quan Yin that Mother Divine energy flows through me and guides me to bring a profound energy healing to one who seeks her compassion, mercy and healing.

Recently, I have stumbled into a healing modality that quantified my healing work with energy medicine introducing the spiritual science healing of the 21st Century.

As a Blesser, a Reiki Master Healer and Energetic Alchemist, my mission is to uplift and awaken any souls crossing my path.  I dedicate my life to utilize my healing gift, knowledge and wisdom to bring good health & love to the humanity and create a peaceful world.

Love & Light,


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